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JAYAL, la Imaginación creadora:El sufismo como fuente de inspiración


Casa Árabe Madrid

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Tres Culturas Murcia

Casa Árabe Madrid

sem feb 2014


The Unending Journey: Ibn Arabi and spiritual travelling

a 2-day conference in Murcia, 4th–5th October 2019

Organised by MIAS-Latina, Anqa Tours and the Museo de la Ciudad de Murcia.

Coordinated by Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein.

Free access to conference sessions (only in English without translation)  for those not registered until full capacity is reached.



Thursday 3rd October

19.00 Welcome reception at Hotel Silken Siete Coronas, followed by supper.

Friday 4th October

09.30–13.30 Walking tour of the old city, including visits to San Juan de Dios (associated with Ibn Mardanish), the Cathedral (on the site of the old Friday mosque) and Convento de Santa Clara (associated with Ibn Mardanish)


17.00–18.30 Conference Session I (Museo de la Ciudad de Murcia). Moderated by Pablo Beneito.

17:00 Stephen Hirtenstein (UK): ‘The Unending Journey’.

17:30 Amina Gonzalez (Spain): ‘Journeying (siyaâha) as a Spiritual Discipline’.

18:00 Debate.

18:30 Pause.

19.00–20.30 Conference Session II (Museo de la Ciudad de Murcia). Moderated by Jane Carroll.

19:00 Heba Youssry (Egypt): ‘Beyond huwa (he) and hiya (she): Akbarian Gender Reality in the #MeToo Era’.

19:30 Carlos Berbil (Spain): ‘The Scale of Virtues and the Scale of Mediations: a complex compendium of Ibn Sab'în's doctrines’.

20:00-20:30 Debate.

(Dinner at hotel)

Saturday 5th October

10.00–11.30 Conference Session III (Museo de la Ciudad). Moderated by Stephen Hirtenstein:

10:00 Jane Carroll (USA): ‘When you travel, stay still’.

10:30 Omar Zein (UK): ‘The Meeting of the Two Seas’.

11:00 Debate.

11:30 Pause.

12.00–13.30 Conference Session IV (Museo de la Ciudad). Moderated by Omar Zein:

12:00 Maylene Cotto (Puerto Rico): ‘Murcia and the Moriscos: the final journey’.

12:30 Anne Twitty (Nueva York):  'From Somewhere to Nowwhere: Rumi in Transit'.

13:00 Pablo Beneito (Spain): ‘Travelling as Celebration’.

13:30-14:00 Debate.


17.00 Visit to the Archaeological Museum.

(Dinner at hotel)